Andrée Lachance


I was born, raised and educated in Québec City.
I studied at Université Laval and got degrees in Arts (Classics) and Science (Honours Biology).
I intended to become a field biologist however life steered me into teaching which was my true vocation.

I moved to the Bay area in 1971, raised 3 children and returned to study at Dalhousie University where I got a degree in science education.

When I stopped working I looked for new activities, including one to nourish the soul and stimulate creativity. Without any art training or experience but encouraged by the fact that my daughter Sophie Lavoie is a visual artist I decided to try painting with watercolour. I had some instruction and took a few workshops. I am self-taught in acrylic and I like to experiment with other media and substrates.

I am interested mostly in texture and colour, and find inspiration in the microscopic and the cosmic. Abstract and semi-abstract enable me to express myself.

Contact info:
phone: 902-826-2110