Beth Matthews



Beth Matthews was born in Ottawa, and is retired from a career in nursing. She was introduced to painting at the age of 10 by her Aunt Hannah, which fostered an interest in ‘Art’ as a self-taught “dabbler” in Oil and Acrylic. Her move to Nova Scotia 2001 awakened a whole new dedication and focus to her art. Inspired by the timeless rugged landscapes of the Atlantic Provinces, she is known for her representational land and seascapes, as well as people and animals. A passion for Sable Island horses features prominently in her recent work.
She is the founder of ‘Crossroad Artists’, and is a member of ‘Artscape’ and the ‘Peggys Cove Area Festival of the Arts’. Her work appears regularly in local shows and venues, and can be seen at She lives with her husband, John, in Hubley, Nova Scotia, where they work out of their home studio/woodworking shop called The Shopudio.

Artist Statement

I see myself as a quiet observer of nature. Through the use of light, colour and evocative composition, I strive to create a feeling for the viewer of ‘being there in a moment in time’. I am drawn to capturing the vitality and character of living beings – be they people or animals – horses, dogs, or birds. Water and boats are also a favourite theme which get my creative juices going.
I like the continuity of working on series – watching them evolve as I get to know the subject better. It is especially satisfying to figure out how to solve a problem and achieve the feeling I am looking for. I am always striving to improve and develop my skills. Recently, I began to rediscover ‘Oils’, and look forward to seeing where they will take me.

Studio viewing: call 902-876-1012